Thursday    -     8:30am   -    Registration for camping starts

                                              Park opens for camping.  Washrooms and showers open

                         6:00 - 9:00 - Kinette Food Booth opens! Hamburg's,French Fries, Ice, Beverages, etc...

                         7:00pm    -   Concert with Greg Holmes and the Brewery Boys

Friday       -       8:30am    -    Registration for camping all day

                         1:00pm    -    Kinette Food Booth opens! Hamburg's,French Fries, Ice, Beverages, etc...  Open till 10pm {based on needs}

                         2:00pm    -  

                         2:30pm    -    Fundraising Raffle table opens!  Purchase tickets for the items you wish to own.  All items have been donated for this 
                                                 worthwhile event!  Two different groups of items will be available,  one Friday and one Saturday.     
                         3:00pm    -    Ice Cream social at the pavallion

                         6:00pm    -    Register for open mic on main stage   

                         7:00pm    -    Open mic starts on main stage. Dance floor is waiting for you

                         8:00pm   -     Fashion Show, all men welcome to show us their feminine side!  Pre registration (Prize for the best dressed)

                         9:45pm   -     Fundraising raffle closes.    Winners will be announced at 10 pm approx.

                       12:00am    -    Quiet time

Saturday    -     7:30am    -   Kinette food booth opens. 3 Pancake and 2 Sausage $5.00 breakfast at the food booth. 

                                              Booth open all day until 10 pm approx. 

                         9:00am     -   Trailer Trash yard sale.  Bring your excess trailer  and household things and a table

                                              and set up in front of your trailer.  Good selling.

                       1:00pm     -     Sign up for open mic at main stage  (this list will continue into the evening show)

                       2:00pm     -     Music on main stage until 4:30 pm. Continues at 7:00pm

                                        -      Fundraising  Raffle Table in the pavilion.   All items have been donated for this event.   Purchase tickets for the items              

                                              you wish to own!  Winners will be announced at 10pm approx.     

                       3:00pm    -      Ice Cream Social

                       4:30pm - 7     -    Lions Club Fish Fry dinner (white fish) 20.00 per person tickets in advance. Call 519-925-3037 

                       7:00pm     -     Open mic at main stage     

                       9:45pm    -       Fundraising  Raffle Ends.   Winners will be announced shortly after!   

                      12:00am    -     Quiet time

Sunday    -      7:30am     -      Kinette food booth opens. Breakfast sandwiches, coffee, lunch.  Closing at 12 noon

                      10:00am    -     Gospel jam -   A free-will collection will be taken to be shared with the local  food bank.